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CPX24 Ad Network is a popunder advertising network that delivers the highest paying ads to publishers and targeted traffic to advertisers. If you have your own website or blog, you can place our pop-up ad code on your site , if you don't have a website, you can choose their special promotion link and send traffic to their direct link that they provide you when registering your website .

The interesting thing is that you do not have to wait for the web to be verified or put metadata in the verification immediately.

By registering with this link you receive 10% of your traffic sent, that is, if you send an example

Day | Impressions | Renew
2021-06-19 | 890 | $0.1452

In the update they give you $1.452 only with this promotion link CPX24 Ad Network

With a high performance in the CPM according to the country you send or the Ter .
  • Welcome Members Worldwide;
  • You can Promote Us with many different Ways ( Popunder Code, Direct promotion link, etc …);
  • Only 0.50$ Minimum Payout;
  • Payments are made within 3 bussiness days.
Proof of payment.
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This is one business I have been trying to understand for a very long time now but I couldn't. I remember when I wanted to place an ad on my free website but it was not going and I wasn't able to progress with it because I had other things I was doing. But I would like to learn about it in the near future so that when I upgrade my website I will be placing ads and of course be making money from it.