How to make money by dropshipping business on shopify



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My name is Md Yeasin Ahmed . I'm Shopify Expert. Experience of more than 2 years. So today I will explain to you what is Dropshipping? What is a Dropshipping model? How to do deopshipping on shopify? Isn't it profitable? We will understand these in a very simple way.

🟢Can we really earn more money by working less every month and how ?

The answer is YES, we can earn 30k-50k USD in per month by Drop-shipping Business.
Drop-shipping is a retail strategy where brands don't directly manage and distribute their product inventories. Instead, when an order is received, information such as product number, delivery address, and order date are sent by the company to a third party to fulfill the order on its behalf. And you may be surprised to know that at the present time, you can make a lot of money at the lowest possible cost.

🟢What you need to star Dropshipping Business ?

  1. You need a Shopify website ( contact me to create a Shopify website )
  2. Necessary products or winning products (which you can listed to your store easily)
  3. 29 $ Hosting fee per month and 14 $ for Domain per year
  4. And keep marketing
🟢How to create a Shopify Dropshipping store ?

Don't worry, in this case i will help to build a branded Shopify Drop-shipping store at only 350$.
(Hire me to create a dropshipping store)

🟢About necessary or winning products

Products are a very important thing in the Dropshipping business . No matter what products you sell you must do research on those products . If they are not sold, you will incur losses . So in this case I suggest before listing any product whether there is demand in the market. and you also have to check those are problem solving products or not . In the case of product research, you can use Dropispy .
it will help you to find the winning products. it allows you to find winning products by spying on successful ads with social proof and real-time data.

🟢Domain and Hosting

The Hosting fee at Shopify is much lower which is 29$ per month. And also you will get Domain at only 14$ with business mail .

🟢Keep Marketing

For marketing you can hire a digital marketer from Fiverr, Upwork or Peopleperhour.

Dropshipping model amico

--Now the main things are start--

I would like to say that these 3 things are main in this model

1. You . And that means when I refer you here. This means I mean your online store.

2. Customer. Those who need retail products


Now the main thing is to have all the products in your online store. Those products are not yours. You do not have the reality of those products or not all the products that are present in your store .All you have to do is create a list of them and add a price tag .All you have to do is look for the best products. For example, you are selling a shoe at retail which cost 20$.But neither did you buy it nor did you invest in it, You've only invested in creating an online store.
(contact me to create an online store )

🟢 What did you do then ?

You have contact with supplier .

🟢 What can be the supplier ?

a supplier can also be a manufacturer who made these shoes
Supplier can be a big store which supplies to the mall in wholesale, it sends the product in wholesale . So you communicate with him (Supplier). And you will list his products in your online store . So the goods he had for example shoes are 20$. So you increase the price of that shoe to 45$ before list. If these shoes are sold then from now on you will get 25$ profit .Now what will happen now a customer will come to your shop. He bought this and he gave you 45$.

🟢 Now what will you do ?

now you have to do contact with the supplier And ask him to deliver the shoe to the delivery address of your customer by packaging.
So, you earned 25$ without hard work. Basically this is called dropshipping business