Saving Money How To Save Money When Petrol Prices Increase?


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We are living in times when natural resources are used a lot more as compared to the times when they were not used in the past. Some of the natural resources are coal, gas , oil etc. The fact of the matter remains that petrol is also one of the most important natural resource and it is becoming expensive day by day. Right now the price of petrol is $1 per liter and this is really expensive if we consider the fact that the per capita income in my country is just around 4,770 PPP approximately. The majority of the people in my country has extremely poor and inflation is increasing. petrol price has been playing a crucial role because when the petrol prices rise, the cost of transport rises. When the cost of transport rise, the prices of products rises because it takes a lots of petrol to deliver products to stores. So, what are some ways to save money on petrol?


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Hmm, petrol has to be one of the most value product in the world and there is no place in the world that it not been used as long as machines mostly mechanical machines are been used. Petrol has served as one of the items in the world that man can not survive without. So in the case of any case of a hike in the price of petrol there will definitely be a proportionateor sometimes disproportionate response in the price of other commodities. It hardly has a substitute so there is no way out unless we have electric cars and machines.