Is phone mining profitable ?


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Which coins can one mine using a phone and its really profitable in long time bias ?


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For me it is waste of time. The fact is that most tokens which are availiable for mining using phone are worthless or you'll receive so little amount of tokens that won't give you any decend money.
I'm not sure if any are profitable as only time will tell. I still however use phone miners just in case they become profitable in the future.
Newest one is Pi
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You can only join by being referred
Then there's phoneum, it runs for 7 days, and the value for each Phoneum is very low.
Their invitation code is f9keanxw.
I have no idea, what I can even do with as its worth very little, but it doesn't damage my battery, so why not. Who knows in the next 5 yrs it could be worth a lot.


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I have been mining Pi for a while now. Hoping it will be profitable some day!

Not all the people have confidence in the Pi Coin and some people are now starting to believe that Pi Coin is a waste of time and energy. I really do not know why it is taking so long to get it launched and there are no real updates from the creators of this coin. I would be reluctant to mine such kind of tokens. However, I can understand that there are still many people who still want to mine such tokens because they hope that these tokens will gain value some day.