Is there a fee if I want to start my own channel in YouTube?


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I am really interested in how to earn thru YouTube. Can anyone please guide me. Also, is there a fee in starting that?

I've been seeing comments on a lot of videos on YouTube asking the viewers to like, share, hit a hundred thousand likes. Correct m if I'm wrong okay, but is that like the quota video must hit before they can earn money from it?


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Hi vin.averia.
Well, I think creating a channel in you tube is free of charge. It's like creating an account and once your done you already have channel.
I have read about creating an income with the use of youtube I think over 3 months now. The reason why some of the uploader ask to like their video and subscribe is because that's how they earn money. And it will benefit them more if you subscribe to their channel and if you watch the video repeatedly. Before you earn money with that you must be a youtube partner first. Vlogging is the best way to earn money and making youtube as your medium would be best.
There are some tutorials and videos wherein you can get a lot of tips about how to start earning money in youtube.


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Yup, it's true that it's free and no charge when you're starting a YouTube channel. If you are that eager and wants to make YouTube a full time work then better go or watch some tutorials or you can also seek for help to the other YouTubers that has some knowledge about it. And also, good luck on your journey. :D


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I think it's free, there's no need to pay if you want to start your youtube channel. All you have to do is to promote your channel to earn. You should have a creative idea how you going to convince the people to watch your videos. There's some sites, I don't know how it works, but they will build up your videos, like Snuckles and baymack. Take a look at that link.


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It's absolutely free to start a YouTube channel, no fee at all, nothing. But if you are planing on actually making money from YouTube i would advise you to quit it before you even started. It's absolutely not worth it considering every second video you post will get demonetized. Also the video earnings are so low it is absolutely pathetic. It used to be good a few years ago, now it's a complete disaster, better just forget it all together. You have different similar platforms, google them, check them out, you can earn a lot more than you would at YouTube.
I wish you all the best, though, good luck in your career brother.


Youtube have always been free and it will remain free. Creating a Youtube channel is free and you don't have to pay to use the video site. To earn money from YouTube, you need to create an engaging content or videos. You also have to get a lot of views to earn from YouTube.