Join as many bloggers club as you can


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The title is the advice of a blogger friend who was urging me to revive my blogs. Her blogging is about commercial products which she earns from the monetization of her blog site and also received gifts from the suppliers of the products that she would feature. She is not into affiliate marketing though but just featuring new products especially the local products that are being introduced into the market.

Anyway, she has more than a thousand regular readers. Her reason is her joining of many blogger clubs. A blogger club can help you gain new readers. It may not be a lot but definitely a good help especially for a new blogger. But be sure that you are joining the proper blogger club that is related to the niche or theme of your blogging. Sometimes there are events that you have to attend personally. Just do what is needed.


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While I have not joined the blogging community or blogger's club as you say, I understand the true value of joining bloggers and promoting your site among the bloggers. You can get traffic as well as engagement. However, the only reason that is stopping me is that "this is something like I will visit your blog, you visit mine."