Join Elysium Pool & Earn Even More Chia Through Referrals


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After a long wait of constant development and testing, it is finally time to release Elysium Pool.

Elysium Pool is a Chia (XCH) USA based and registered pool that works on winning together.

Those who plot together, win together. We have current plotting speed of 10 TB daily with farm space of 5 PB dedicated to pool with unlimited cap on max growth size.

Key Points of Elysium Pool

  • As of July 8, our dev team is the 3rd largest contributor to the Chia reference pool code.
  • Earn an extra 5% in commission (YES forever) to your wallet by using our referral codes.
  • 1% Fees. You can get a 5% discount on fees for referred farmers.
  • No minimum on small farmer payouts.
  • Dedicated dashboard with all recorded stats.
  • Beginner friendly, super easy to connect

All information and instructions for joining can be found at https://

Chia Pool URL for Chia Block Chain: elysiumpool. com

For any questions, join our telegram!

Telegram: https://
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