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Seems like majority of people here may have known about them crypto mining website known as minex , for those who do not have an idea what the website does and is . Well this is a cryptocurrency mining faucet that allows its users and members to mine cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin , lite coin , ethereum , and Tron etc . the website initially was legit and a whole lot of people including me were cashing out money in various cryptocurrencies . But around the month of July in the year 2021 the site went on their first maintenance in a really long time . They were on maintenance for more than two weeks and came back to continue the mining process .

A lot of individuals did not see this as a problem rather they invested more , so as to cash out more . I didn't invest any longer because I knew something fishy was going on with the website . The website wasn't as stable as it used to , and sometimes it was hard to surf the website page . It wasn't up to another 2 weeks the website vanished and was nowhere to be found in the internet . A lot of people lose their hard earned money as a result of invest in on the minex website . But all thanks to God I earned much more than I invested on the website .