Low income is the main obstacle for not saving!


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Surviving is first not saving to some!
There are many people in the world. They want to live in peace all the time. So, they have been working hard in their own sectors for the welfare of life since maturity. They are also having their payment from the respective places regularly.

But, there is a striking feature here that everyone does not have the same payment. Some get high salary whereas some have poor salary. Those who have high salary can spend much money and save easily. On the other hand, those who have low salary cannot spend for family let alone save money.

Saving comes to the mind of a person when he has a rich payment. To survive is the first factor to the low-income people. On the contrary, to have a luxurious life and to save money for the future are only for the people having a high salary.

So, I think, low income is the main obstacle for not saving money. Please tell something what you think regarding this issue.


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Definitely someone who does not earn enough money I will not save anything. the person will only be interested in solving his problems rather than save you. The reason a lot of people save a lot of money is because they have high income and they can spend and still have extra.


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On the contrary, I have spoken to a lot of middle-class people who think saving is a waste of time and would rather spend all their money and be motivated to get up and work to make more. I will mention that this mentality started as a result of the pandemic and the high rates of people who died suddenly.


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Another reason some people don't save it because they like to experience instant gratification. These are people who always buy on impulse and end up acquiring most of the things they don't really need. a person with small income might find it difficult to save in the first place but if they make it a habit they will surely have their way.


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Yes, low income is the most prominent obstacle for people not to save. It is why I am currently not saving myself. I hope that when I start eating better, I can start a savings and investment plan. Otherwise, for me right now, surviving is the main goal. In the meantime, I push myself to start earning better income.