make money at home doing nothing


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Hello everyone!

I am a web developer and have my own agency and i am offering everyone to make money by finding new clients, maybe you have friends who need a website or you have a follower base that you can use to find people who need websites or other services that we can provide, i have very low prices and if you would like to be a re-seller please contact me.

Here are some of the services and prices that i am offering for everyone to re sell:

- A simple business WordPress website 350€. ( can be sold for 450-600€)
-An e-commerce website 450€. ( can be sold for 600 - 800€)
-Instagram and facebook manual followers growth + 1 post a day 70€/Month. ( can be sold for 100-200€ )
-Web scraping 200€ - 700€ depending on the quantity of the data. ( can be sold for 400-1000€ depending on the quantity of data)

me and my team work fast so we will be able to finish every project within a week.

you would have direct contact with me for every question you might have or that your client might have.

you can contact me here or per email:


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Seriously I don't know if there's any way you can stay at home to earn money without doing nothing, let's say you own a business you are what is your business online and a customer requested for your product order to deliver a product you have to subscribe your phone so that you get data to chat or communicate with the customer sometimes you have to make calls in order to reach your customer and how to deliver the product to the customer, recharging your phone in order to get data for all days means you're doing something, sometimes your phone me run down you have to use your money to buy fuel in order to power your phone so that you'll be able to connect with your customers.


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Are you hiring an affiliate marketer? I mean do you want us to work for you directly by referring your websites to people that need your service. You don't talk about the package that you have for the people that help in promoting your business. I hope you will try to do that in your next post. Nice business idea, though.