Business Ideas Making compost fertilizer for sale


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With the hype on plants in this pandemic era costs and demand for plant pots and fertilizer have suddenly increased. One expert gardener said that potted plants need a regular dose of fertilizer and that probably is the main reason why those caring for potted plants are always in need of fertilizer. If you can make your own fertilizer then you can have a small business. Below is the picture of 2 pepper plants, on the right is with compost fertilizer and on the left is without fertilizer.

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The compost fertilizer is made from the waste matter like vegetable trimmings and fruit rinds. You will need a space like 1 square meter of land. Clean the area and dig 1 foot so it will be your compost pit where you will throw the waste matter that were mentioned above. After 2 weeks you will notice the decaying vegetables are gone and what’s left is a new type of soil. That is compost which is a type of fertilizer. You can collect the compost in small plastic bags to sell. My suggestion is to establish a market in your neighborhood so you will not spend much for the delivery.


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Compost fertilizer is absolutely good for the soil and with the drive for an agricultural economy in most African countries one is likely going to make a lot of profit from sales of compost fertilizer.
Once one suggests in establishing a presence in his/her neighborhood and he/she is known for making compost fertilizer they'll surely he a demand for it.
Also compost fertilizer are usually free from hazardous chemicals so it's usually good.


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Compost manure will always be a darling to many farmers if they are sure they can get it at a rather cheaper price than the inorganic fertilizers. Many farmers want it but as it is not readily available and in large quantities because of big farm owners, people go for inorganic fertilizers. As a farmer, I am of the strong opinion that all the farmers I know prefer organic manure.