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Hi there fishbate here, as a father and the bread winner of the family. One of our responsibility as a father to put food on the plate. I was a full time technician before on a electronics company. Lately i started a small business to add some income, apart from my other part time jobs. I'm very happy that i was able to join here to have some pointers and ideas in starting a business. Looking forward for great discussions with you guys. Have a great day...:)


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Hello friends,
Happy New Year 2021,
Good Day!
I am Geeta Negi and I am a new member of this forum. I would like to increase my knowledge & also want to get some information and share with you as well as & want to participate in the forum threads which is the best way to earn money and can learn & contribute my knowledge & experience with you. I am a freelancer & want to know the secrets of earning money via this forum.
Looking forward to a better conversation with full information in this forum.
Thank you & have a nice day.


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I will share some ideas as long as it will be useful for the member and like wise I am looking forward to learn from the existing members as well. Since most of us or All of us are looking forward to manage our own expenses and reaching all that financial freedom we are looking for .thank you again ..


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Hey! Somebody told me Trendri is a good site. Well, you know, I don't easily believe on what I read or what others said so I need to try it myself. Thank you my friend for inviting me here. By the way, I am know as Cinderella. I am from the Philippines and I have been writing online for several years. But as of now, I am doing some Bitcoin activities. But I still love to write. I want to learn more and share my knowledge.


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Hello everyone. I am Caspar420, a new member of this forum. As a student I am always seeking knowledge and this forum provides that effectively. I am here to share and gain knowledge . I am very happy to be part of this forum. Thank you all and have a wonderful day.