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Hi there fishbate here, as a father and the bread winner of the family. One of our responsibility as a father to put food on the plate. I was a full time technician before on a electronics company. Lately i started a small business to add some income, apart from my other part time jobs. I'm very happy that i was able to join here to have some pointers and ideas in starting a business. Looking forward for great discussions with you guys. Have a great day...:)


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Hello EveryBody!
My Name is AngeLiNo (NickName)
im A freelancer and have good knowledge to give and to get back :)
I'm good with making money online and i guess this is the knowledge i will give her.



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Hi, my name is Francis. I am a graphics designer, small scale web developer programmer and student who seeks methods to make money as I have to support my family and my education. I would be happy to learn from you all and also share the methods that have worked for me.


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Hi to all members of this forum. My name is Suraj, and I’m new to digital marketing. I just joined this forum, hopefully this will add to my experience and at the same time to make friends around the world……


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Greetings ❤️
How are you all ❤️ hopes you all are doing good
Just now I join this platform am in searching to learn and to earn so that's way I find this amazing platform.
I am a student of BSSE 1ST SEMESTER I am Crypto interested but I don't know more about the Crypto 🤓 still at learning stage I love to write the content and to captured the Photography .
I am From Punjab Pakistan and study in the education university off okara
Nice to meet with you ❤️


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Hi my name is Dorine from Nigeria just joined this forum, I have reliable sources to refer dedicated individuals for the testing jobs look forward to the approval as soon as possible. Thanks.


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I am Ziyech a new member of this forum. I would like to expand my knowledge ,read some information and share as well and most of all to participate in the forum threads the best way I can especially in the field of the forum business where I can contribute and learn. Looking forward for the better conversation full of information in this forum.
Thank you

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Hello everyone. I'm Abdul, a 26 years old graduate with big dreams and aspirations for the future. I am alway thirsty to improve my knowledge and by extension any society I find myself. Always keeping an open mind in every situation and trusting my instincts to make the right decision. I also love listening to other opinions