New website that offers best pay for a survey


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Hello there. I found a survey site that actually pays a decent amount of money. It's not my affiliate link
The site has ssl and is trustworthy . Just spend a little time on your opinion and that's it ..
If you guys are interested then contact me ..

Note: Its a website not an affiliate link


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I will like to know the web sites because most of the survey sites are scams and they are not paying, so please what's the name of the survey site, lets give it a trial and see how it goes.
And i pray it works out


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It is right at present earning at survey sites is not easy, in these most are too much slow. But before joining any new site we must be wait for some day to see its payment proof. Most of sites have problem of disqualification, so if this site also have it than nothing is new in this site. If it is paying on disqualification that I can check it


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Why not make everything detailed at once on this platform? This will ensure the credibility of the site as members will actively perform reviews. I have always said this and will continue to hold that opinion, for this site to gain reasonable confidence, information such as this should be well detailed. Writing about the site having SSL is not even enough. How are we sure it's not a referral package? Why not let everything out here if you actually have good intentions. I think the moderator should do something about this to check the activities of scammers on this platform.