Pi Currency Mining

Pi is a new cryptocurrency for everyday people that you can “dig” (or earn) with your phone. ... Today you can dig (or earn) Pi Pi by helping secure the currency and growing Pi’s trusted network.
The Pi network cryptocurrency is currently of no value as it is in a second phase of development and has not yet been launched in the blockchain, but in the background market, users have already switched currency to as much as $ 10 per coin.

If you really wanted to make mining of Pi currency then message me. I will give you link of Pi currency Mining.


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Do your research, inform yourself... pi is worthless even scam currencies manage to get listed in trading they didn't even bother... safemoon looks more promising than pi


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Though am also mining pi,it has no value for now,according to my research i think it will take long before it's value will b profitable


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Pi is a new cryptocurrency for and by everyday people that you can “mine” (or earn) from your phone. A reasonable number of people are mining it presently but the figure is still negligible as the coin is almost valueless. Maybe it will be profitable in the future. Time will tell.


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I don't want to hear stories that touches the heart. Now have seen opportunity of mining pi, I'll. because you can never tell when it will have value. Just by clicking every 24hours it will not take any of your time.


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Everyone is talking about pi mining but I personally believe pi would definitely be profitable in the future and the most interesting thing about pi mining is that it was on autopilot and does not consume the phone battery power probably pi might be the next Bitcoin