Protect your Personal Data


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Today’s cyber criminals focus on stealing information that are more valuable than the physical money. Business data and personal data are more valuable to cyber criminals than the money in a bank.

You see headlines of data breaches almost on a daily basis. Worse yet, you might have also received a letter or two of breach notification in the paper mail or via email.

From a personal perspective, we can all do our part to protect our own personal data. From a business perspective, there are extra steps that can be taken to help safeguard customer confidential data from cyber criminals.


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Cyber criminals are always on the lookout for loopholes in the system that they can maximize to steal vital information from their victims. Even when organizations and individuals are spending lots of money, energy and time to ensure that their information are protected, yet that doesn't deter these cyber criminals from looking for ways to penetrate the system.

They usually look for ways to hack your computer systems and phones through the use of phishing mails and introduction of viruses to weaken the computer system firewalls so they can have access to the system. Some even go as far as using social engineering to get their victims to release vital information to them.

The only way we can protect ourselves from these attacks is by being vigilant, don't click on links you don't understand, always use unique password for logging into your account, and if possible use 2-factor authentication to safeguard your online wallet.