Remitano Launches Remitano Network Coin - Free Distribution to All Users


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“Every improvement contributing to your outstanding experience is our daily motivation.” - Remitano

The Remitano founding team has always maintained the belief and vision that blockchain and cryptocurrencies are a big step forward for society since their inception in 2015 when cryptocurrencies were still relatively new to the community. They continue to ensure that every process stays transparent, swift, secure, and decentralized.

With the desire to apply new capabilities and leverage the latest exciting technology to the Remitano Network and the RENEC in the near future, investors will be able to make transactions between different currencies efficiently and quickly, make inexpensive exchanges, escrow reliably, and perform sophisticated smart contracts.

Furthermore, because Remitano is always looking for ways to provide the most value to our investors while minimizing risk, we will not be conducting any RENEC offering activities during this time period, and ownership of RENEC will be freely distributed to all users via Mining. Take a look at the details below!

How to own RENEC?​

Remitano only supports mobile app mining; if you haven't already, download the Remitano app from the App Store or Google Play and sign up as a user.



  • Each user can only have one Remitano account to mine and own RENEC. If Remitano detects fraud (e.g., one person owns multiple accounts), we reserve the right to withdraw all RENEC you own in all accounts. We have the policy to handle violations on a case-by-case basis as determined by the exchange.
  • The Mining process is not automated; to receive tokens, you must log in to the Remitano app every 24 hours and click on “Mine RENEC” under the “Mining RENEC” section.
  • All external trading information (if any) is a result of fraudsters acting on their own initiative.

How much RENEC can I earn per day?​

Each user can mine once every 24 hours after completing the account registration and verifying phone number(Level 1. The amount of RENEC received by each user is determined by two factors: Your solo mining power and Your referral mining power.


Your solo mining power​

Your maximum mining power as a solo miner is 0.02 RENEC/hour

  • For phone number verification users (Level 1): 0.01 RENEC/hour. You will receive 0.24 RENEC within 24 hours.
  • For document verification users (Level 2): 0.02 RENEC/hour. You will receive 0.48 RENEC within 24 hours.

Your referral mining power​

You will earn referral mining power for each person who successfully registers a Remitano account using your referral link and completes document verification (Level 2).

Remitano wishes to reward users who actively refer us to their friends and family, but we also want to ensure that RENEC tokens are distributed fairly. As a result, the amount of RENEC based on the referral will be calculated as shown in the table below:

1st-10th person0.0032 RENEC per person
11th-20th person0.0016 RENEC per person
21st-30th person0.0008 RENEC per person
31st-40th person0.0004 RENEC per person
41st-50th person0.0002 RENEC per person
From 51st person0.0001 RENEC per person

Additionally, your referral mining power will be doubled if you complete the verification process

For example, You completed the document verification and referred 400 users to register on the exchange, but only 100 of them completed the document verification. So, the total amount of RENEC you get from referral ming power within 24h is: 3.12 ([0.0032 * 10 + 0.0016 * 10 + 0.0008 *10 + 0.0004 * 10 + 0.0002 * 10 + 0.0001 * 50] * 2 * 24).

Note: Remitano reserves the right to modify the way RENEC is distributed to users.

Where can I see my RENEC balance?​

You can find out how much RENEC you own in one of two ways:

  • Option 1: From the main menu, select "Mining RENEC." The section “Your RENEC Balance” can be found here.


  • Option 2: Go to “Dashboard” > “Wallet.” The Remitano Wallet is where all of the coins supported by the exchange are stored, including the Remitano Network Coin, are kept (RENEC).


Remitano is developing the Remitano Network in a series of phases that will be updated to users in the near future. We will pause the mining program after the successful launch of the REMITANO NETWORK mainnet and the first RENEC airdrop. That being said, you still have a good chance of owning a lot of RENEC before that time; all you have to do is start referring more friends ASAP to help increase your referral mining power!

Need help or have questions? You can also contact our 24/7 customer support team through the chat box at the bottom right corner of the screen.


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This is a welcome development and I will probably participate in the AirDrop. Remitano has maintained his legitimacy and customer service for a very long time and now that they wants to launch their coin, I think a lot of people will probably venture into mining the cryptocurrency. I will download the app and see how it goes and I will also be anticipating for it to be listed very soon.


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All these Nigerian exchanges sites are following the footsteps foreign exchange sites by owning their coin, which is actually a very prolific move and improvement. I think it was Quidax exchange too, who recently launched their own coin too....Now it's Remitano. Well, I will try and also start mining this coin too, on their platform.