Risk management in the forex market

Ivo Zetticci

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Risk management is important in the forex market. So, traders who know their risk tolerance are one step closer to ultimate success. It is better to trade with a proper risk management strategy in order to survive in the market. SL is one of the best tools for risk management strategy. I also trade with proper risk management strategy as I learned it from my broker Eurotrader educational courses.
Forex is a very risky market and if you want to survive in this risky market, you must maintain money management and risk management. As a trader, if you want to control risk, you need to maintain a 1: 2 risk ratio. And you have to maintain the journal before each trade. If you can trade positively in this way, it is possible to earn a lot of money from trading.


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Given the volatility in forex market, it becomes absolutely necessary to adopt or employ certain risk management strategies to escape or avoid unnecessary losses.
Brokers have come up with quite a good number of risk management strategies to help traders in forex market. One of such is Take Profit (TP). It enables traders to explore opportunities especially when they are in gains. They can decide to stop the trade and take the profit from the trade.
Another important one Stop Loss (SL). It is as important as Take Profit (SL). This tool enable traders to stop trade when they know the trade is not going in their favour.
On the whole, forex trading without these management strategies is incomplete, especially for those traders with small capital base.

Dora Wi

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Risk management is indeed really important. No matter how many winning trades you have, if your risks are not controlled well, your trading might not be profitable on the long run, because it will be easy for one or two losing trades to wipe out your previous profits.
Apart from using TP and SL orders, you should also limit the percentage of your account balance you are willing to risk on one trade.


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How to manage risk in forex trading:
  1. Understand the forex market.
  2. Get a grasp on leverage.
  3. Build a good trading plan.
  4. Set a risk-reward ratio.
  5. Use stops and limits.
  6. Manage your emotions.
  7. Keep an eye on news and events.
  8. Start with a demo account.

Robson Dey

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There are two types of trading in the forex market. They are auto and manual. There are a number of psychological factors pulled manual trader back. That's why many traders prefer fully automated trading with their trading strategies and rules. I am trading with Forex4you, and it took me months to create a winning trading robot. But once I did that, I noticed my trading game changer.