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Add a Little Bit To Your Emergency Fund Every Week​

Setting yourself up for life isn’t a quick fix from your current predicament. But if you invest in yourself a little bit at a time, you can make a big difference in the future.

By adding a little bit of money to your emergency fund every week, you can slowly build it up without putting too much strain on your current budget. The recommended amount is three to six months of expenses, so the sooner you start, the better.

If you don’t already have an emergency fund started, consider putting it in an account that will give you a sign-up bonus, high interest earnings and no surprise fees.

Sure, a lot of debit cards offer sign-up bonuses throughout the year, but they often require you to jump through hoops with minimum requirements that feel impossible to hit.

But Aspiration makes it simple. To earn your $100, here’s all you need to do: Open and deposit at least $10. Then set up and receive three direct deposits of at least $500 each from your paycheck or government benefits. That’s it! Then just wait for your check.

Even better? Your debit card gets you up to 10% cash back on your purchases, and the money you keep in there grows at 16 times the national average. Your money is FDIC insured and under a military-grade encryption. That’s nerd talk for “this is totally safe.”