Selling farm products at home


Our neighbor is selling farm products in their home. There is a tarpaulin by the gate that says they are selling milkfish straight from the province. There are also some vegetables like cabbage, lettuce and carrots. The delivery of the farm produce is usually by Friday afternoon just in time for the Saturday marketing of the neighbors Instead of buying such products in the market I would rather buy it from our neighbor because aside from the lower price the products are certified fresh. What’s good in this business is that the supplier delivers the products and the customer comes to their house to buy.
Selling farm products at home is profitable, even though you won't get to make much profits due to the fact that you get to sell low to people, thus leading to a low returns. This does not really matter if you are getting lots of patronage, the small gains from each products would accumulate and make something meaningful.
One thing about such people who sell farm products at home is that they do not involve I some dubious acts like most of their counterparts who sell in the market.

Apart from the small products like vegetables, there are people who store large quantities of bags of rice and other farm products. Buyers then come from different places to come and buy. This is a better way of making better profits from selling farm products,


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Most people prefer their Vegetables to be fresh ,and thus will prefer to buy directly from farm than going to market ,where they may not be able to ascertain how long the Vegetable has be on sale .

A farmer who sells vegetables at home will surely make money from it ,because people will always come to him ,to get their Vegetables .

However , there is challenge with this type of business ,and it is the fact that vegetables are perishable , thus the farmer needs to advertise his farm to a wide range of people ,so that he can be able to sell them off before they spoil .

Secondly , he should only harvest his farm produce upon request to avoid the vegetables from spoiling.
Apart from vegetables , farm products like yam and rice are not perishable and as thus , will be profitable for the farmer for a long period of time .