Sleep is Important


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Sleep is an essential part of our life. But the lack of anything or the extreme is just as deadly. It is the case with sleep too. A lot of people have a habit of sleeping too long or too short.

Both of these habits can be detrimental to your health. It is very important that we know and are aware of these sleep problems, their causes, and their side effects. Sleep is essential for resting your body and brain.

If you get enough sleep at night, the body is refreshed to work the next day. Sleep is essential for your brain, heart and eyes. Usually a toddler needs eight to ten hours of sleep, while adults need six to seven hours of sleep.


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I have had sleeping disorder previously when I was not able to sleep entire night, I kept trying and finally when I started more physical work, I started getting tired, this resulted in proper sleep. This experience is, if you are not doing enough physical work, your body will become restless, it needs rest when it is tired.


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Yeah sleep is as vital to the money just like food.this is why I don't joke with my sleep because I know the only way to shake out fatigue is by sleeping it out. So I make sure to have my 8 hours sleep every night. I go to bed as early as possible too

Dora Wi

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Sleep is great indeed, and with our quick lifestyle, so many people miss out on proper sleep. Sleeping enough is pretty high up on my list of priorities because if I miss out on sleep for a while, I find myself at the other extreme of needing more sleep than normal, and it's really difficult to make up for sleep deprivation.


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I will try as much as possible to get at least six to seven hours sleep every day because that sometimes I will be doing a lot of things online even up to midnight but even with that I always try to get at least 6 hours sleep in a day, am always stress up sometimes doing most of my work online.