The Importance of Workers Motivation Incentives on Productivity


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Staff motivation incentives have become a popular tool in the workplace. Whether it's a sales meeting or just a day to recognize employees, it's the unexpected touch of appreciation that spurs many to be more productive. Research shows that when staff motivation incentives are used, productivity increases and morale is high. However, even the most motivated workers will wake up on the wrong side of bed now and then.

Most business owners understand the importance of employee motivation. They want to maintain high morale and encourage workers to be productive. However, they often don't know how they should motivate employees in order to achieve the best results.

The use of incentives can increase the efficiency and productivity of a workforce. However, sometimes these rewards are more motivating than others.

Many employers are looking for a motivational leadership style. Some employers choose to raise the productivity of their staff by giving them small rewards, such as on-the-spot prizes or "thank yous."

My experience and research conducted by me in about three organizations both business and voluntary organization shows that workers morale are raised high when incentives are given to them once in. a while. Humans naturally like to be motivated in kind or in cash. So we should motivate our workers to get the best out of them.
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If your workers are doing pretty fine, you as the manager or the CEO should always find the pleasure to encourage their hardwork in order for them to put more efforts and do more. I don't believe in working extremely hard when my exceptional work-rate isn't appreciated. And the appreciation shouldn't just be kind gestures alone, it should be accompanied with some prizes to be given out to the employees once in a while. Such is a morale bolster to your workers and a way to move your company to extra height due to how happy your employees will feel working for you.


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Incentives can play a great part in motivating employees to be productive. Many successful companies provide productivity-based incentives to boost employee morale and motivation. Matching and relating incentives to achievements underscore the importance of meeting the targets and recognizes the role that each employee plays in the success of the organization as far as the achievement of its objectives is concerned. For it to be effective as a motivator, incentives should be systematic, planned, and timely. While employees may appreciate small tokens like surprise gifts or rewards, such practice, if done inconsistently, will send wrong signals that productivity or great performance is not always valued. Worse, the employee may feel beholden to the person who actually hands out the gift and not to the company. It may also demoralize other employees who feel that they also deserve such rewards for their performance. On the other hand, institutionalizing incentives will appeal to all employees and motivate them as a group.​


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Motivation in general plays a major role in the effectiveness of workers, there are so many ways to motivate workers in most cases rewards are being used. Some companies and organizations creates a system where they have best worker of the year. This is just a way to motivate each and every worker there to bring out their best and be the best there. In most cases, the use of money might not be the only way to motivate your workers, as an employer or business owner, noticing and commenting on the little efforts made by the them, is also a good way to motivate them


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When we take about work the next thing that comes to mind is the pay cheque, the both of them goes hand in hand. There will literally be no motivation to give us that drive to work when we don't get paid well for what we do. It will certainly come to a point where it will naturally become very boring when the pay is not adequate to cater for the bills that we have to settle.

So one of the basic elements that drives a worker to put in his or her best at work is actually the pay incentive, although it does not end with incentives alone, there are other ways a very good human resource manage can use in bring motivation on their staffs.

One other way is by increment of pay as at when due, and again by giving promotion too as ay when due. Good personnel manager are managers who take their time to study the psychological needs of his or her staffs and know when things might not be going on too well with them and try to resolve some of those challenges facing tho workers. That alone can motivate the workers and help to increase productivity in the worker.


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The importance of worker's motivation incentive cannot be underemphasized. I worked in a school where their anthem was to owe teachers salary and after I had accepted the job offer due to the economic system, I discovered their joy is fervently owing employees their wages. I had worked for almost eight weeks without receiving a single pay and worst of all, throughout the eight weeks, no administrator had come to request for my account details which made me aware that the school building being huge does not determine the efficiency. I got demotivated which of course as an educationist, I knew this nonchalance displayed by the management would in turn decrease the quality services I delivered while teaching so I politely went to ask for my overdue payment and different excuses were made from left right and center. I had expected a top up because in a perfect world, I should have been paid during the fourth week and we were in the eighth week, but unfortunately when I was credited, I did not even receive up to the 4weeks salary. I got dismayed and withdrew my services quickly so it does not affect the innocent students because definitely if I had continued with the job, I would reduce my quality service to rhyme with the treatment I receive.


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As an employer of labour, you should acknowledge the importance of worker's motivation incentives on productivity. There is no employee who would continuously put in his best in productivity when he is not getting compensated. When employees begin to feel that their level of productivity or hard work is not commensurate with the incentives the employer is giving, they will try to make the equation balanced by reducing their level of work and it would be tantamount to lower productivity. No one wants to work like a slave who has no say, it might be difficult for the employee to bear out his mind to the employer because of fear in loosing the job but through cognitive distortion, he would try to input equity. As an employer of labour, you should first see your workers as humans and not machines, you should treat them properly because the way you treat them would reflect on the business productivity. You should be open-minded and place a vote of confidence of your employee. No employee would feel comfortable if he is being constantly degraded and this could lead to low self esteem. Encourage your workers, place them on promotion with an increase in payment and also compensate them through fringe benefits.