Tips to choose web hosting for your website


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Hosting and domains are two things that cannot be separated in the internet world. When you want to create a website that can be accessed by others, of course you need a domain and hosting. Domain is the address of a website. For example, you have a website or Well, the name is a domain. This domain will guide visitors to the website location. Well, the location where the website is placed is called Hosting. Want to know more details? Please check the Differences Domain, Hosting, SSL and Website. Many people feel confused in choosing a good and "fit" hosting for their website. Especially for beginners who are new to the world of websites.

Tips for Choosing Hosting
Before buying Hosting, make sure you prepare everything. Here are tips on choosing Hosting to "fit" the website:
1. Adjust the hosting specifications with the website you created. Do not let you choose Hosting with a capacity of 48 GB but only used for personal websites. Or don't let you choose Hosting with a small capacity even though it is a large enough online store.
2. Make sure you consider SSH and Memcached features. Does your website need these features or not.
3. Make sure you consider the resources in the Hosting such as CPU, RAM, SSD Disk Space and so on. Don't be suddenly surprised because the website has an error due to a resource limit.
4. Security is also important! Make sure you choose a hosting with good security features and support. Make sure it is equipped with antivirus, anti-malware and regular backups. If possible, choose a hosting service that supports CloudFlare, Imunify360, Railgun or others.
5. And lastly, always choose Hosting with clear details. Do not want you to be deceived by domain and hosting service providers. Make sure you know the specifications of the hosting you want to buy.​


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This is a very good keep a write-up you have given here. Domain is very important in terms of website success and I can tell you that it contributes to making a website known. If you have a domain that is very attractive and let me say Sweet to the mouth people will easily remember it and visit on daily basis as the case may be . It is therefore very good to choose a domain that has security for your blog.


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When ordering a domain name then there is a common service in most of web hoster that is suggestion of domain name then you may for example want to order a domain name then you change your mind based on web hoster suggestion and you add to cart the domain name suggested and remove your domain name from cart and this is why it is a good idea, some websites have even 2 connected domain name to same website, it is not hard coding and some web hoster for example suggest to buy at once .art and .net and .org and get discount then you link 3 web domain to one web hosting.