Vlogging all about your personal life (can go viral)


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For a new blogger or vlogger have you considered the niche of the blog that you are planning? Koreans are noted for their “eating” blog called Mukbang aside from their dance and song videos. In our country the weird people with their weird lifestyle are getting viral from time to time. If you are a normal person with nothing unusual then you can still have a viral blog by being you.

A blogger who writes about his life can be interesting if you will include the details. One example is going to the market. That is normal. But if you will mention the incidents that you saw in the market like the near-collision of motorcycles due to reckless driving or the quarrel of 2 vendors, that would not be ordinary anymore. I have suggested that to my niece but she prefers a vlog that she hopes to get a thousand followers. Unfortunately her vlogs about diabetes is struggling to gain more viewers even after a year of existence.

Dora Wi

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Blogs and vlogs are good opportunities but sadly what you wrote in the end often happens - it takes a lot of time to gather followers initially. It often takes a year or even several years to build a good following. One thing that seems to be very popular is commentary channels. These often pick up more quickly than other channels.
Also, if you go somewhere and vlog there, you have to be careful not to include people in an identifyable way unless they have agreed to it.


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It is not easy to gain followers if blog/vlog have limited information. The complete Blog/Vlog have more followers than just one part; for example Health Blog/Vlog attracts more than just diabetes only type of Blog/Vlog. Even I searched lots of topic / videos on health, but I do not remember if I searched about diabetes ?


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I think blogging or vlogging about non friction events or particularly about oneself does go viral and generate more traffic compare to writing on random topics or on friction materials. This is because people like reading ir watching about the events they can easily relate to rather than the ones that they need to imagine.


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One of my earliest activities for online work was to create a youtube channel, upload some videos and promote the channel and the videos to build subscribers and views. sadly, I failed to reach the monetization threshold, therefore, I gave up. These days, my youtube channel is discarded. Personal video can go viral only when you are an influencer.