Earn Money What are the other ways you earn online?


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There are many ways that people can make money. Like blogging, paid to post forum, survey, paid to read email, paid to do micro task and many more ways. I have some few websites that I am earning from. Will talk about few.

Afrisight : This is a survey company that pays for each survey completed. Most time each survey worth more than $1. They send survey to members at least once a week. They are the only survey company I know that is available for Africans. The easiest way to accessis there survey is through there app OpinionApp. There minimum payout is $5 to bank account or others.

Paid to forum : This is another way that I earn online. This is where you get paid for posting in a forum website. You get paid for replies, creating threads, receiving replies on owns thread and many more. The two best paid to post forum that I am using is Trendri forum and Bizdustry forum.

What are the other ways you earn online?


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I make money from posting on forums and writing articles. I'm trying to gain the skill of transcribing I will like to go into transcribing too. This your survey site I will like to join but you didn't answer the questions I asked on your earlier thread. Please explain more.


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There are hundreds of ways in which you can earn money and the internet on daily basis. all you need to do is to put in the work and acquire the required knowledge and understanding of how such businesses works. Affiliate marketing is one of the best online skill anyone can ever have and you will be making money on monthly basis.


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Surveys, Paid to Post Forums, and writing articles are few things that I have done so far to earn money online. Writing articles is my favorite of all. But if I see my overall earnings from online earnings, the major chunk of it comes from the various paid to post forums.


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Paid to post is the one I've been doing for now because that is the only one I can afford to do since I do not have what it takes to become a freelance worker now, i only concentrate on trendri and bizdustry because that's the Only best paying site i know, anyone who has another best paying paid to post site should let us know.