What are the strategy needed by a company in other to achieve their aim and objectives?


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For a company to achieve it's aims or goals ; it's need to apply focus strategy.

Focus strategy concentrating on selling the product to a particular segment of the market and to a particular type of customer.

Bb Within a market segment, a business entity might seek competitive advantage through:

(1) Cost Leadership with the market segment or

(2) Product differentiation within the market segment.

The principle of strategic positioning are:

(1)The strategic goal for company should be achieve a superior long term return on investment;That is Maximising sales.

(2) The strategy must offer a unique value proposition for the customers.
This is a combination of price and benefits that competitors do not (and can not) offer.
(3) There should be a distinctive value chain.
A company should perform similar activities to competitors but in a different wat that offers customers more values.

(4) The selected strategy will involve some trade - offs.This means that by selecting one set if strategic options, a company inevitably chooses not to select alternative options.

(5) All the different element in the strategy and in the value chain should link together and renforce each other.

(6)There should be continuity of strategy direction;that is after chosen the strategy to be using the company should make sure its apply the strategy consistently.

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There are several strategies in which companies can use and grow very rapidly. that is the reason why it is very important for any business owner to make a lot of research and seek for knowledge before opening a company. The first step towards becoming successful running a company is having the right knowledge and mentality.


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The first strategy should be focusing on the goal of the business and trying to achieve it. When once the focus is on the goal then winning become a lot easy. A goal driven employers and employees will bring stability and independence to the business and firm. With this fighting other factors will be very easy and winning will be sure