What are your expectations on Bitcoin


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Do you think Bitcoin will reach $100,000 in no distance time? The price of Bitcoin seems to be Increasing little by little. What are your expectations on Bitcoin?


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Nah. The will be very difficult. I think the analysts and experts should come out and say their final predictions. I guess none of us saw the Omicron variant coming. It is what it is right now and $100,000 is now a mission impossible. For it to overcome the support level of $52,000 before the week runs out should be the main focus when that happens, we can say it can reach the all-time high again before the dip


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I was among those people that predicted the possibility of Bitcoin reaching 100,000 dollars this year but it seems the prediction has fail. Cryptocurrency generally is unpredictable and even if we are able to give prediction it may not likely happen as we predicted. For now I'm expecting that bitcoins will even drop more because according to what a lot of expert are saying they said that there is a high possibility that bitcoins may drop back to 40000 dollars, so I don't really know.. all the money i have invested in cryptocurrency I will still continue to hold them whether they go down or not.


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I doubt BTC will reach 100k anytime soon. It's currently under 50k and it is forming a correction. That will take a while to conclude, I think.