Selling what type of trade can some venture into especially now that there is high in prices of goods?

What are you selling? Give details about the product you want to sell.


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Buying and selling business can be so interesting at times when the market is doing great. Especially when you buy goods and people are already on ground to buy what you have brought.
But recently, things have started changing especially in Nigeria and in osun state where am currently residing, prices of commodities have gone so high now.
For example, we used to buy a module of garri which was like the least of all food stuffs for #250 as at last year but right now, we are buying it #600 per module. Can you just imagine the hike in price?
When I started with that business, it was very cool not until things starting changing in prices. I had to stop the business because I discovered that I wasn't making much from it?
Now, here is my question, what buying and selling business can I do now that will be profitable for me?
Your quick response will be much appreciated. Thanks.