What you need to open your own web page.


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I am Cristian and today I will tell you about what you need to open a web page.
1.The first time you need a host for the site. It is found on the internet under the name of Web Hosting.
2.The next thing you need for a web page is Domain, it can be purchased with the web host if it includes its domain separately. It can be found on the internet under the domain name. In my opinion, you should opt for the domain included in the web host.

I hope I helped you with this information. Have a nice day everyone!

Ozigba Richard Lamai

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There are many things for you to know when opening your own web because managing a web it's very very difficult whether you are good in it or not.it takes a lot of time for your websites to go but it's all about consistency and determination if you have vision and believe in your vision then you will see that everything keeps on growing.as a business tata you must always have a positive mind no matter how even though you are seeing failure use it as a form of motivation and at the end you are sheep success.


Firstly, you should inform people about your business, and encourage them to get in touch with you. To have a clear focus on what you sell, or showcase your creative work, will be pretty helpful for you as well as your visitors. Also, choosing a good domain name is very important, something that is short and easy to remember for your visitors. Keep in mind, whatever domain name you choose, it should reflect the nature of your website. It is not easy to change a domain name later on, so choose it wisely when you can.


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There are a lots of things you need before opening your own website , because owning your own personal website is not easy, telling people about your website is a good step to start with, creating a suitable domain name,that is the name of your domain should suit the nature of your website,you will need more ideas and skills in other to own your website or webpage.