When are payday loans worth it?


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The perfect time to take and use paday loans depends on the individual taking the loan. It ranges from one person to another, people have different things to take care of. It comes to a point when the earned cash cannot take care of the needs that a person has and a payday loan comes in hand. I'm pretty sure even if many people object the idea of taking payday loans it come to the point when one has no other choice but just to take the loan. If it is avoidable that is okay because nobody likes taking loan, but actually the payday loans brings in some extra money to do the things that earned money cannot.

Payday loans are worthy if you urgently need a money. Just make sure to pay it quickly so that you will not suffer the burden of multiple interests.


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I would never encourage anyone to go for payday loans because they have a way to get one into series of debt especially if you are not able to pay back. It's better to try and source money or funds from other channels than getting a payday loan.

It's only when getting payday loans is the last and only option one have, then I would agree to getting such loan and start making plans immediately to pay it even before it's time is due.


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it completely depends on a person. because A payday loan may seem like the only option in a financial emergency if you have poor credit and no savings, but it can do a lot of harm than good. You've probably heard of payday loans, even if you've never gotten one.

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Here I will explain to you how payday loans worth. A payday loan is the fastest and the easiest solution to a short term financial problem. So you can get a loan within the day, will be approved with also having a bad credit record! A deal of a lifetime? Not really!

A payday loan will definitely help you with your financial requirement especially if it is just a small amount. A payday loan will provide you with sure cash tomorrow or even today, unparallel to any other types of loan vehicles. Payday loan companies will not even care if you have a bad credit record. And if you know how to use payday loan properly, you can definitely make the most out of it without a problem in the future.

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in some cases payday loans are advantageous like an emergency health issue, wedding plans, buying a new car and some other. but taking a payday loan for longer duration is not advantageous because the interest of the loan goes on increasing.


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Hi, the concept of payday loans is making a business from who are needy. These loans are unsecured and issued to bad creditors to overcome the immediate financial crisis. Look for reliable financial companies that are regulated to FCA who can offer you low-interest and for a short term to make hassle-free repayments when you're in the situation to affordable only.

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Hello , I will take my time and write you this out of experience . Trying to get a loan with BAD credit is practically not possible because most of the creditors have their way only with those on good or perfect credit line . However, if you dont have a guarantor or someone to add you to their trade-line , then I suggest you first go repair your credit score and then apply for loan after 4 weeks of repairing your credit score .

I was once in a debt of $6879. I applied for couple of loans and I was turn down even before 24 hours . I was on FICO forum everyday , until I came across a review/post about a programmer that does repair credit score , after which you can then give a PDF file of list of possibly companies to apply with ( Most of the companies are just like the underground companies and you can only know them when you are directed to them). It took about 13 days to repair my score and I am currently debt free because I already cleared my debt and I am currently maintaining my credit score .

MY dear friend , the best option for you to do now it to get in touch with the same programmers that handled my case and you can also verify them on FICO forum, SniffingnoseATrepairmanDOTcom. And FYI they most times do not accept upfront payment or sometimes a very minimal upfront will be required if you are have too many rental history .

I worked with them because I had less rental history and I didn't PAY any upfront so please be guided and be aware because these internet days are scary but overall , they are equal to the task and do not forget to share your experience back with the forum so that others having the same problem will learn too .
Good luck and be safe out there . God bless .


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God bless for taking your time to share with us on here . I have actually been on a quest of trying go a loan , But I think its better to first repair my credit score like you suggested but I do not know how much will be involved . I will contact the programmer you suggested and I will share back and update with my experience with them . God bless you abundantly .


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I don't know much about payday loans except that my cousin used MaybeLoan in the past successfully.
I thought they were just advancing you your paycheck which you would then turn over to them once you received it plus any fees.