Exchanging Who is an itinerant Trader?


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The itinerant trader moves his articles and wares from place to place on foot,by bicycle or vehicle. Peddlers and hawkers belong to this category. They deal in many lines of goods such as fancies; magazines and newspapers; handkerchiefs,underwear,ready-mades or second-hand clothing;cutlery and cooking utensils; confectionery such as bread,sausage rolls,egg,fish or meat rolls; cold drinks;wristwatches;etc.

To the urban consumer,the itinerant trader offers the facility of bringing goods to the doorstep. To the rural consumer or customer,the itinerant trader offers a range of goods which the rural dweller would not otherwise get due to the spread and scatter of rural dwellings.

Advantage of itinerant tracks is that:
-The capital requirements is small.Therefore,it offers the opportunity of slf-employment to many primary and secondary school leavers.
-The mobile nature of this business makes it possible for trader to reach many people.

The disadvantage of itinerantvis that:
-There often too many people in tjisvtrade and so competition is stiff.
-sincean itinerant trader carries his goods about,therebis a limit to the quantity andvrange of goods he is able to offer for sale.

Which advantages and disadvantage of itinerant can you equally point out ?