1. chuxkorse

    Crypto currencies are highly volatile

    Historically, Bitcoin's value has been quite volatile. In a single day in May 2021, the price of Bitcoin plunged by about 30% before recovering to be down about 12%.2 But why is Bitcoin so volatile? Here are just a few of the many factors behind Bitcoin's volatility. News events that scare...
  2. Dexmark

    Why you need to understand the concept of people's financial mentality.

    People don't seem to understand some logics on how to make money when you tell them that should invest on a small scale business that will yield them more profit in future, they will say I don't have the time...... Tell them to Attend online courses or buy books that will help them understand...
  3. Dexmark

    What's mining as a concept to you?

    To me, Mining - Is a process of creating new crypto coins by solving complex mathematical equations. Please share your ideas about same topic
  4. Dexmark

    What's Consolidation; crypto technical analysis

    🔥 Consolidation - In technical analysis refers to an asset oscillating between a well defined pattern of trading levels. Consolidation is generally interpreted as market indecisiveness, which ends when the asset's price moves above or below the trading pattern.
  5. Dexmark

    Secret about liquidity of crypto currency

    🔥 Liquidity - In the most simple form, liquidity refers to how easy it is to convert crypto currency into cash quickly and whether this can be achieved without the asset's value suffering.
  6. Lens1000

    The bitcoin taproot upgrade services is supported by cashApp.

    CashApp is one of the most well-known payment gateways in the globe. It provides one of the most effective cross-border money transfer services available. The bitcoin taproot upgrade, which is the most common sort of update on the bitcoin network, is supported by the application. The taproot...
  7. minenovo

    Crypto Bitcoin transaction volume surpasses that of PayPal

    According to recent data, for the first time in history the average quarterly volume of transactions in USD recorded on the Bitcoin network surpassed the volume processed by online payments giant PayPal. According to said data, this year the Bitcoin network processed an estimate average of 489...
  8. Lens1000

    Bitcoin is used massively for online payment

    Bitcoin has been successful in processing money transactions all over the world. Rather than using internet payment gateways, many people prefer to receive money in bitcoin. Payments on the bitcoin network are quick, simple, and secure. According to research, the bitcoin network has a total...
  9. Marti ford

    Crypto 4 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Trading Cryptocurrency...

    Today, you can invest in cryptocurrency quickly and easily. You have the liberty to invest with the help of online brokers, but you cannot say for sure if this is a foolproof venture. There are a lot of risks and pitfalls that you need to face if you are thinking of entering this field. However...
  10. raaman

    What is a Bitcoin ETF?

    What is a Bitcoin ETF? Many of Bitcoin users know what a Bitcoin ETF is. But if you still don't know what it is, don't worry, in this thread, I will tell you all about how it works. Simply put, Bitcoin ETFs are financial tools that make it easy for traditional investors to access virtual...
  11. Lens1000

    Beckham demands to be paid his salary in bitcoin

    Odell Beckham Jr, a three-time pro bowler, will be paid in bitcoin for his $4.25 million contract. He teamed up with cashapp to get the money, which is equal to his NFL pay for the 2021-2022 season. The pay me in bitcoin statement is becoming increasingly prevalent. People who receive bitcoin...
  12. Lens1000

    Brazilians can now enjoy bitcoin related services

    Marcadolibre, a Brazilian e-commerce established, is set to provide bitcoin-related services in the near future. The company's Mercadopago app would incorporate Bitcoin services. On Mercadopago, Brazilians will be able to purchase, sell, and hold bitcoin. The project is expected to start up...
  13. Victorial

    Crypto What is responsible for Bitcoin's sudden fall amidst the $100k price prediction?

    Just on Friday, Bitcoin dropped tremendously with other assets and it is looking like it will drop further. Accordig to FTX data, the world's biggest crypto coin fell by 10% for the day to the $54k price mark and it is currently trading on that price value. It is sad to report that that is the...
  14. Good-Guy

    Crypto Ethereum And Bitcoin Might Become More Volatile Within A Few Days

    Most of the cryptocurrencies are really volatile. Many big market cap currencies and highly valued currencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash Coin, Ethereum, etc are also more volatile than many other cryptocurrencies and the actual price of the coin depends on the market value and total...
  15. Good-Guy

    How To Set Up A Bitcoin ATM Business In Your Area?

    Most of the people around the world are quite fascinated with cryptocurrencies because it is one of the major digital assets that can be used to invest money and also make payments around the world. Digital options such as cryptocurrencies are a great way to invest money and all you need is a...
  16. CoinEx

    Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

    We don't who exactly Satoshi Nakamoto is, whether it's a person or a group of geniuses. What we do know is - Satoshi Nakamoto is a true trailblazer of digital currency. In this video, Let's learn more about the legend of Bitcoin's founder.
  17. Vtrading

    Crypto Bitcoin and Ethereum fell 10%! What will be the optimal solution for the plummeting market?

    Last Tuesday, Bitcoin suffered a correction where BTC and ETH fell 10% in one day. The market decline continued, once approaching the position of $55000. Technical indicators show that the recent strong rise in the cryptocurrency market will stop. When it comes to times like this where there is...
  18. Lens1000

    Crypto Mike Novogratz says bitcoin outperformed gold

    Bitcoin is the best asset for people who want to preserve their money from inflation, according to Mike Novogartz, a billionaire and CEO of Galaxy Digital. He went on to say that bitcoin should be the currency of choice for everyone, especially countries with high inflation rates. Bitcoin's...
  19. Mcgabriel

    Legit Make Money online Opportunity (at least for now)

    RYZEX.NET A Cloud mining platform for DOGE, TRX, LTC and BNB The advanced RyzEx cloud mining platform uses modern technologies and the latest blockchain algorithms to mine cryptocurrencies in the shortest possible time, which allows users to receive up to 5% profit per day. ✓Minimum withdrawal...