Avoid Dust Allergy Problem


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Nowadays 80 to 90 percent people are increasingly having an allergy problem. The main reason for this problem is dust, pollution, etc., which is harming the body. This problem is not only caused by dust, but also by other elements.

The main symptoms of this problem are sore throat, nose bleeding, itching in the eyes etc. To avoid this, people often consume medicines but still cannot get rid of this problem. However, by following home remedies, this problem can be relieved.

To get rid of allergies, taking bath with lemonade will also help you. If you are suffering from allergies, then put some lemons in the water and then take bath. This will help you to get rid of allergies.


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I'm one person that is allergy to dust because it comes with it cough, cattarh and chest pains so what I do is to totally avoid where is dusty even if it is an important place. My health is more important than even money so unless it something I can't avoid but if not, not getting myself into such place is better

Dora Wi

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I think the main thing to do if you have a dust allergy is taking it into consideration when choosing the place you live. It's best if it is easy to keep clean and it isn't in a particularly dusty area such as near construction sites or in very dry areas. One of the home remedies I really like is using an isotonic saltwater nasal spray.