Buffet restaurant (eat all you can) is a health hazard


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My wife’s relatives are so fond of buffet restaurant that most occasions are celebrated in such restaurants. The idea of the “eat all you can” is to have an array of dishes that you can taste. But in our culture the buffet restaurant is for “pigging out” which is another term for gluttony.

Sometimes it pains me to think that my wife is overweight because of the occasions. I am lucky to have self-control that even when the restaurant has unlimited serving for the customers I always try to sense my stomach. Once it is full then that’s enough. I also drink a lot to give me a bloated feeling. We are not gluttons but I find that the buffet style of dining is a temptation to the diners. Eat all you can and suffer indigestion.


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You are right that's why I don't attend most buffets because it will be a great temptation for me as I'm even trying to keep my weight down. There are always all kinds of foods to relish and if you have no self control you can add a pound gulping all that presented to you. This needs self discipline


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Since you have a fixed price, and you can eat anything on the menu and in any quantity, you tend to eat more, even overeating. By overeating, you are damaging your health. Thankfully, we don't have that kind of restaurant here. However, I see a lot of people overeating during the parties where there is a buffet dinner.