Asking Do You Think You Can Retire From Your Job Now?


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How much money do you think you would need to be able to retire? It's a question that a lot of people have asked their financial advisers and it's one that seems to have a different answer for just about every time it's asked.

And the reason for that is simple the amount of money that you need to be able to retire depends entirely on how much money you think you can earn in retirement through interest and dividends and maybe even a part-time job if that's your thing, and perhaps even more importantly how much money you're actually going to need to survive in retirement. And that number seems to change each and every time you ask as well because projections of things like medical expenses change as time goes on.


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i don't have enough savings yet, i see know reason why i would want to retire from my job for now.
if i have enough money to invest, i will and retire from my job.


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I am lucky to be employed with the biggest bank in our country that has a good retirement pay. For now I have no pension plan but I get to receive a substantial amount of retirement pay in a few years from now. That amount can buy 2 houses that we can rent out to at least have something for our regular subsistence. I know that a pension is the best security in growing old and I can only rely on the government pension that is so little.


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I am not really sure if retirement pay is enough for due expenses in later times. The amount you received maybe enough for the moment but it does change. I think whatever amount received should be used and spend wisely. If you are still able to work after retirement probably grab that opportunity. It will not only lead to productivity but to save from deterioration.


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I think i will decide to retire if i can find a job online or if i do start my own business, right now i don't have enough savings and i don't want to risk mu future still, i will
definitely quit once i make my own successful business since i don't like the idea of 9 to 5 job, it's so stressful and tiring not to mention that it causes me depression and anxiety.


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I'm not sure how much money I will actually need for a comfortable retirement, but I know it must be in the millions, so I know I should amass a lot of money if I want to put up my own business, because if I will just depend on the government pension then I will just get by.