Is ripple winning in its law suit?


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In the last few months, it was reported that ripple is going to face a lawsuit by the US government. This will be their second one since the coin was launched.

They claimed that the coin violate investors protection law ( I don't really know what that is) and this is affecting the coin price slowly. The ripple coin is one of the strongest coin in the market and it is really gaining more grounds in the market today, although every coin in the market today is on the bearish run, some couple of weeks ago the ripple was really rising to a all new time high.

Infact with the growth of the ripple this sent a strong signal that the ripple company might be winning it court case and the awareness of ripple coin has really expanded. The coin has a very sharp movement.

What do you think will happen to ripple if ripple wins the law suit by the US government?


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The case is still ongoing and there is no settlement yet. But the fact is that ripple is not shaking with the law suit. Even when one of the launchers left amidst the turbulent times, the coins was still doing well. The only thing that made the price of the coin reduced is because of the bearish moment and not because of the law suit.


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I have not been following up the court case they were having with the United States because I believe that they have settled that for a long time and they are free now to carry on what they left behind without hindrance, I don't know if the case is still now because I expected the price to shoot up after winning the case.