Tips For Choosing Your Bussines Brand Name


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This are the tips and tricks on how to choose your business brand name:

1. Real word names- This is the actually names that you can get on a dictionary but the problem is that most of the time the names are always taken. Because there are millions and millions of Bussineses around the world but you can twist the name you find on the dictionary, and twist it a little with the niche of your business.

2. Non- English names- You cab find your bussines brand name by using your native language that when people pronounce it, it sounds English name in a way, and of course that native name you will use have to align with the niche of your business.

3. Composite names - This is where you can write down the name ideas that you have about your business, that is equivalent to the niche of your business. Then choose the names that you like from the ones you wrote down.

4. Eponymous name- Go through different types of bussines names/ brand from different niches and basically you can pick one or two letters from this bussines and combine those letters ( to something meaningful) and make it your brand name.

5. Descriptive name - This is the paring of your niche of your business together with the purpose of your business to come up with your brand name.

So which of this Tips would you go for when it comes to choosing your brand? Which of this Tips is easy for you when it comes to choosing your brand name?