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GoTranscript is a transcription job online and it really pays. Sadly, I haven't been approved yet (it takes at most 60 days after the qualification test) but I have an acquaintance who declared that he has indeed been paid by GoTranscript. It's a pretty good paying job apparently and is legitimate so what else can go wrong? It may be a bit hard to transcribe the test (I had a hard time) but it will be worth it once you pass. Good luck to us!


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There are lot's of transcription job online and I all tried it but it was too hard to me, I try to Remotask that pay me 2$ when I work in 6 hours, And then I tried QA word. but their audio is not really clear. I start to go transcript but It was hard then Remotask and QA word.


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GoTranscript is a legit site but I'm sure that you should have the transcriber skills in order to pass their test. It is a bit hard but it is also worth it when you've pass their first test.

Do you think transcribing is worth the money you are earning, I mean the money you are earning is worth it when you do transcribing?
Transcribing jobs pay well but it's a skill that you need to master in time. I also tried some of these transcription jobs and they are quite challenging. All you need is a head set, a paypal account, and an eye/ear for details and you get the job. It pays well too.


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I have been hearing about this transcription, but to be honest I don't really know or have any idea about transcribing, how it is done in order to get your payment the task involved they are terms and rules and lot more, according to some people they said that transcribing pays well, so anybody with the idea of transcribing can help me out because I really need to know more about it.


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I have tried some transcription sites. I work with crowdsurf. It is quite a good website to work with but they have their own problems as well. Among is that their task is not that readily available. At times there may be more than enough tasks that you will do till you tire and at times, there won't be tasks