Asking for What is the cost to start a Small Business

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As an aspiring business owner, you need to understand your business’s specific needs. Before jumping into entrepreneurship, estimate the cost to launch your startup. Preparation is key when starting your own company. Before you open a business, take a look at what you have.
before starting a business my advice to you is that first you should know the ins and out of that business and or at least you have an experience in that business. and you should have a full time or focus on that to be successful. I think you should have at least $2000 to start a small business.


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I can't really tell the cost to start a small business, well let's say you want to start selling shoes and some clothes in this case I think you will need up to hundred thousand naira to start up the small business, or if you are going for food stuffs that is selling of provisions like rice beans etc, you will need like 50 thousand naira to start up with, the cost of starting up a small business all depends on the kind of business you want to start up with.