1. S

    Earn Money 7 cool ways to make money online

    (© makistock – Who doesn’t like having a steady stream of income? Having a way to earn some extra cash can give you the opportunity to vacation, relax, and worry less about your financial situation, which is important for having a healthy and relaxed lifestyle. There are more...
  2. Alexandoy

    Blogging niche of celebrities and other popular people

    Have you visited a blog that has a niche about celebrities? I happened to see one when a friend shared a link in Facebook of a blog about her favorite actor. The blogger was good because her posts have accompanying pictures and most pictures are from the celebrity that is featured. This is a...
  3. Alexandoy

    Ways in getting more regular readers to your blog

    When I saw the new blog of my niece I asked her if she was getting a good number of readers. After a month of starting the blog she has hundreds of regular readers. But she admitted that she needed to advertise her blog to get more. My suggestion is social media but wait a minute her blog is...
  4. Alexandoy

    Earning from sponsors and personal ads

    A blog can earn in many ways. But the most popular means of earnings is having ads on the blog so there would be revenue from the ad sponsors. There is one blogger who earns more than the ads. She gets sponsors to her blog which is about health and medication. You can guess that most of her...
  5. Alexandoy

    The style of Blog writing that is not easy to read

    When I am reading a blog or even an article it is interesting to note that not all of them are easy to read. Some blogs look like not worthy of reading. The bad style of writing that is not good for a blog… 1. When the sentences are too complex that I would lose the thought before I reach the...
  6. OlaAdams

    Earn Money Making money online through blogging PART 3

    Tips for New Bloggers If you decide that the pros of blogging outweigh the cons and you’re ready to start your blog, here are a few tips to keep in mind as a new blogger. 1. Know enough your audience. Everything becomes easier when you research your audience. The better you know your audience...
  7. OlaAdams

    Earn Money Making money online through blogging PART 2

    Write your first blog post: Once your blog is set up, we can finally get to the exciting part (and the part that makes you money): writing and publishing content. The difference between starting a blog as a hobby and starting one to make money is that you can’t just write about whatever you...
  8. OlaAdams

    Earn Money Making money online through blogging PART 1

    Good days my fellow trendri members, today I will be sharing with you how to make money on the internet through blogging, for the benefits of you guys and the aim of making some few dollars from this post I will be dividing the post into three sub posts. Starting a blog isn’t hard. You can set...
  9. rahul21

    Create a blog or a website

    You can create a blog or website in order to make passive income and monetize it revenue hits or infinity ads. Then add hire me button and advertise the blog or website for free on Crigslist or with pay on people's website with google Adwords. Writing is a skill learned, like any other skill. To...
  10. Faruqmiles

    Careers In Blogging

    Many freelance writers are beginning to find blogging is one of the newest career opportunities available to them. Blogging is essentially a series of postings on a particular subject which are listed in reverse chronological order. These blogs may be about a variety of different subjects and...
  11. O

    Affiliate Is that necessity to have own blog for a writer?

    Hello, Is that necessity to have own blog for a writer? I started my career as a writer, but I dnt have my own blog. I know having blog would help in reaching more people. So, do every writer should have one?
  12. regz31

    I will create a professional wordpress website design or blog

    I will create a professional WordPress website design or blog with the best price just 40$ About This Gig website is now essential for a business, big or small. If you've got your own business and don’t have an internet site still, you're apparently losing a variety of great opportunities for...
  13. K

    The Royal Flush of Interactive Marketing - Blogging

    What is Blogging in a Nutshell? Blogging is the activity of creating short articles known as blogs. A blog is an abbreviated version of a weblog, which is used to describe sites that contain an ongoing chronicle of information. A blog features diary-type commentaries and links to articles on...
  14. Affiliateenterprise

    How to write Marathi Blog and How to get google AdSense Approval

    Hello Friend, You probably already know how iintegral the process of blogging is to the success of your marketing efforts. Which is why it goes without saying it's exceptionally important to learn how to effectively start and manage a blog in a way that supports your business. When you started...
  15. Obi Ngozi

    What is Blogging?

    Ever wonder why most all of the teens today are addicted to the internet? Well it has everything a young exploring mind needs. From browsing the net for document researches, shopping, cooking, gaming, chat, and a whole bunch of stuff going inside a website’s offer. Yep, all of these including...
  16. L

    Starting a blog

    Starting anything is very easy. My question is how do you get your work out there for people to see. I being from a developing country, everything is 5x harder
  17. shehan anthony

    Increase Traffic to Your Websit -Few Ideas

    Get Social It’s not enough to produce great content and hope that people find it – you have to be proactive. One of the best ways to increase traffic to your website is to use social media channels to promote your content. Twitter is ideal for short, snappy (and tempting) links, whereas Google+...
  18. S

    earn money from blogging

    If you can get around 1000 organic visitors each day, you can earn upwards of 2000$ from your blog. Of course you need to have google adsense . But you can make much more if you link some affiliate sites to your blogger site.
  19. Mcgabriel

    How to earn massively through cintenty creation

    Are you are big time blogger or just a beginner?You can earn money through strategic ways so as to optimize you page for higher productivity.For those interested,comment below "I'm interested"
  20. Jeymario13


    Hey! I wanted to reach out and let you know about this new Pinterest tool I’ve been using to explode my site traffic! It’s called Tailwind Tribes. In a nutshell, it’s an easy way to find other like-minded Pinners with content you can share, and get your content shared with audiences that’ll love...