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Oh, we've all seen the adverts- “Make money online today with Paypal”, “make money online for free” and, my personal favourite, “make money online INSTANTLY”.

I mean, come on. If that doesn't say ‘too good to be true”, I don't know what does!

But, what if you're looking for genuine ways to make money online, either in the UK or abroad. What if you want or need to work from home, or want to work as you travel or just want more flexibility to your work life.

As I'm writing this, the world has changed immeasurably. We're all in the thick of ‘the crisis'. Many people are now working from home, and many more have sadly found themselves needing to find a new income- and find it fast.

Don't blame yourself. NO-ONE saw this coming. Or at least, they did… but only in a theoretical sense. So drop all the guilt and distress and let's find you some options.

Genuine Ways to Make Money Online in UK (and abroad!)​

I'm aware that there are MANY schemes and get-rich-quick idea floating around. But let's assume that you're a real person who doesn't want to lose their limited life savings and just wants to work hard and get some income in, preferably asap. Getting a job is one thing, but if you want to make money online as a beginner, how do you start?

So, let's give you some options, which will ACTUALLY work. I'm talking about schemes which are available in the UK (as that's where I'm based) but many of these will work just great from wherever you are in the world.) None of these are instant solutions which will give you money today (or maybe even tomorrow), but they WILL all earn you a decent income within 12 months if you work hard at building it up.

Start a Blog/ Website​

It seems pretty obvious that I would start with this. After all, I'm a blogger and you're reading this… on my blog. Not really sure what a ‘blog' is? It's basically a website- with a more personal feel.

Is it REALLY a genuine way to make money online?​

I started this blog as an online diary. I didn't even know you COULD make money with a blog. Less than two years later, I'm making more than many of the full-time staff my husband employs (admittedly, CV is about to severely damage that, but I'll find ways to adapt, just like everybody else.)

NOTE: Blogging is NOT easy. It's not an idyllic, chilled, only work 10 minutes a day and then go lie in the sunshine and read a book. It is HARD WORK. Like, possibly the hardest thing I've EVER done in my entire adult life- and I'm an ex-Navy helicopter navigator and an air traffic controller…!! (On second thoughts, working with some of my ex-colleagues may have been harder…!) Still, being able to be your own boss and work from home is EPIC and worth all the effort.

How much money can you earn blogging in the UK?​

Like most online income, how much you can make depends almost entirely on how much time and effort you're willing to put in. Anyone who says you can make good money within a month is lying to you/ trying to sell you something! But you CAN make decent income within 12 months, and most likely a decent full-time income within 2 years.
To be continued...