Blogging niche of celebrities and other popular people


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Have you visited a blog that has a niche about celebrities? I happened to see one when a friend shared a link in Facebook of a blog about her favorite actor. The blogger was good because her posts have accompanying pictures and most pictures are from the celebrity that is featured.

This is a good trick to ensure the big number of blog readers. The fans of the celebrity would share the blog to their group and the blog can even go viral if there are new information therein. They say that the blogs about the popular Korean groups are raking millions of readers when they would post a blog with new information and authentic pictures. Maybe you can also do that with the local celebrities or perhaps about professional athletes like the popular basketball players.


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I think this is a competitive niche. There are many websites that provide information on celebrities, including photos and videos. Eben on youtube you can find a lot of information on any celebrities you want. The only way to survive this niche is to break the first news or photos, or videos. This is not possible for a lot of people