Promoting your Business on Social Media


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Promoting and working on all the social media networks is a mistake many beginners make and eventually they realize there are no benefits in that. The best way is to pick out a good foundation.

A good foundation best fits your field and helps to find the factors that influence and analyze where many people are successful. For example, you can find out great successes in your field.

You should also check the number of Facebook fans, followers on Twitter, Pinterest etc. If someone have 100,000 Facebook fans, but only 10,000 followers on Twitter then this is a good sign that Facebook is better suited to your niche than Twitter.


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This actually depends on how active you are on these social media platforms, if you are more active on Twitter, normally you will be expected to have more followers in Twitter than in any other social media platforms, but that does not diminish the importance of the few followers and subscribers you have in the other platforms.

So in advertising your business it's advisable to use as many social media platforms as possible so that you will have a wider reach, thereby increasing the number of your prospective customers.


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Social media is the best way to advertise your business, you might definitely not have the same followers in all the social media accounts you run, that doesn't mean you have to abandon it, the more effort you put into it, the more followers you get, focusing on only one reduces your outreach.