Target Market and Niche


Come to a decision on things like who wants you, your target market and your niche. The important and valid question here is ‘who needs you’. It is very necessary to know who wants you.

At any rate, only those customers who want you are going to purchase your products and services and in the same way, you may also be looking only for such type of people.

They are very much likely to buy your products and services. As a result, rather than trying only for ‘traffic’, it is better to focus on getting the people who want you.


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Yeah, you said it right. There are two ways to look at this aspect of the business, I feel. Starting a business what people demands based on your acquired skills. The demand of people might go opposite to your skills you have. Then, either you choose a place for your business where that demand is not fulfilled properly and people need it. The other way is if you want to work around the same people whose demands do not match your skills, then either you delegate it to someone or learn that skill. As knowledge can be taken at any age, so you can go with the latter one too.

It all depends on putting the efforts and plans, where people need it.


You are right with the question "who needs you" because that is trying to find if there is a demand. A business should always be aware of the demands more than the supplies although both are important to the business. When starting up a business one of the usual requirements is the presence of demands like seeing a bread store with lots of customers which means there is a big demand for the product of that store. For online business you have to determine which sector would fill in the demands so you can target your marketing towards that sector.