Why Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency of the future


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As was natural, position no. 1 in the top is occupied by Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency with which it all started. Created in the year 2009 by an unknown person using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin still dominates the crypto market.

And, apparently, there is no reason why it will not continue to do so in the future. Shortly after the advent of Bitcoin, in 2009, a number of other cryptocurrencies were launched on the market, also known as ‘altcoins’ or alternative cryptocurrencies.

There are over 10,000 alternative cryptocurrencies. However, Bitcoin is still considered one of the most successful cryptocurrencies ever invented, as evidenced by its market capitalization of over seven hundred billion dollars and the huge number of users worldwide in the order of tens of thousands.

Dora Wi

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Yes, Bitcoin is currently the king of cryptocurrencies and it's likely to remain this way. Even with the recent price drops I am very optimistic regarding Bitcoin's future, and I can see I am not alone with that.


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Cryptocurrency like bitcoins has been in existence for over 10 years,it is the controller of all other cryptocurrency because when the price of bitcoins goes down it affect the price of all other coin in the market,with this unique characteristics I believe that bitcoins is strictly the best cryptocurrency of the future.


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Crypto have been in existence for more than 12 years today, and BTC is the first ever crypto coin. It might be created using the alliance "Satoshi Nakamoto. We already know that, BTC is created by anonymous programmers who hide in the shadows to show off their intellectual ability by creating the world first ever digital currency that is made decentralized.