A browser that pays you to surf the internet.


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I was surfing the internet and discovered a new way of earning, one that can be a silent money. I prefer calling it The method of making money in the background.

Like I said, I do call it making money in the background because you don't have to complete any task, just open the app and do what you do normally everyday.

It is a browser just like chrome browser, the only thing is that this one is gonna pay you. You may want to ask what are you going to be paid for, well the browser will pay you for using it to sort the internet.

The pay is way small but I believe will one day add up to something. All you have to do is download the app and open a wallet with them, start surfing the internet using their browser.

Now I love calling it The double money because, you can earn two ways there, firstly you can continue earning onmoney your favorite forum like Trendri but if you are running the Trendri on this browser, it will also pay you, that's why I called it double earning.

The name of the browser is Netbox.


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I've actually tried a lot of browsers that pay you to use them but I couldn't make anything reasonable from them. I have used cryptotab browser and upgraded to the pro version but I couldn't make anything reasonable. I've also used brave browser and could not even make any reasonable thing from it.


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Someone told me that bing offer people some coupon for using their browsers to surf the internet. I am planning to try this one out to see how viable is the program. If they are truly dishing out coupons, I will draw out a plan on how I'm going to scale ecerything. I have tried brave browser but I am not earn much.