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It is a socio-economic game that is enough 2 clicks a day every 4 or 6 hours to earn money, literally, there is much more within the game but explain it is very long, in 1 guide you can understand everything but basically:

Status: paying more than 3 years ago
entry / withdrawal method: paypal, qiwi, neteller, skrill, cryptos etc.

Energy is one of the most important things in MPL:

• Determines your Productivity together with your Economic Score, Skills and Bonus = (Energy x 0.45) + (Economic Score x 0.30) + (Skill x 0.25) + Country POI Bonus + Organization Bonus

• Determines the damage done in wars (100% Energy = Full Weapon Damage).
• Determines the amount of gold you receive per Active Recruit / Referral, based on their energy level (Active Recruit is a Referral that has energy above or equal to 15%, has worked in the last 24 hours and his account is older than 3 days).
• Determines the amount earned from your recruits income up to 10%, based on your energy.

Energy will drop or raise based on many things:
• Each hour it will drop by (Energy x ((Energy
÷ 5000 ) + 0,016))
• Each hour it will raise 1 point if you have less than 10 energy.
• Each time you recruit, it will drop 1 point.
• Each time you attack or defend on a war, it will drop 5 points.
• Each time you work or clean a region, it will drop by 20%.

• Each time you travel by foot, it will be depleted to 1%.

• Eating and Drinking will make your energy raise:

• Wine: Cheap - 5, Good - 15 or Great - 25 Points (drinkable each 24 hours).
• Beer - 8 Points (drinkable each 6 hours).
• Meals: Breakfast - 20 Points at 6:00, Lunch - 12 points at 12:00, Snack - 8 points at 18:00 and Dinner - 12 points at 0:00 (stored in inventory, used automatically by the system at the respective time).

• Dairy: Milk Jug - 2 Points and Bitto Cheese - 50 Points (stored in inventory with no cooldown).
• Coffee - 5 Points (stored in inventory with a 5 minutes cooldown - shared with Mocaccino).
• Mocaccino - 20 Points (stored in inventory with a 5 minutes cooldown - shared with Coffee).
• Newspaper - 2 Points (3 Points if Premium) bought from Activities → Newspapers (maximum 10 points per day).

• The game interface will give a warning to every player about the upcoming food time, breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. This warning will be shown starting 1 hour before food time.

• Wearing Clothes will raise your energy based on its quality: (they last for 15 days)

• One Star (*) - 1 point each 24 hours (10 clothes = +0.42 / hour).
• Two Stars (* *) - 3 points each 24 hours (10 clothes = +1.25 / hour).

• Living in a House will raise your energy based on its size / quality:
• Small House (*) - 12 points each 24 hours (+0.50 / hour).
• Nice Apartment (* *) - 20 points each 24 hours (+0.83 / hour).
• Mansion (* * *) - 35 points each 24 hours (+1.46 / hour).
• General's Castle (* * * *) - 40 points each 24 hours (+1.67 / hour)
• You can live temporarily (48 hours) in Homeless Shelters: 10 points each 24 hours (+0.42 / hour).

• You can check your clothing stats in the Left Menu → My Clothing.

• You can check and use (some are usable products) all the items you have that can give you energy (Coffee, Mocaccino, Milk Jug, Bitto Cheese and Meals) in the Left Menu → My Inventory.

Working is one of the main sources of income in MPL for beginners:

• The amount of local currency earned per work shift depends on your productivity.
• Productivity is calculated by: (Energy x 0.45) + (Economic Score x 0.30) + (Skill x 0.25) + Country POI Bonus + Organization Bonus.
• Economic score drops daily by 1 point (at 24:00 server time) and increases 1 point each worked shift, maximum is 100.
• A work shift lasts for 4 hours and you can work twice each 24 hours (from 0:00 to 24:00 server time). For as long as you work you can’t recruit, travel, fight in wars or queue for selling a medal.
• Amount earned: (Wage x 4 x (Productivity ÷ 100)).

• You can have a maximum of 300 skill Points total and 100 maximum in each skill. Each work shift using that skill raises 1 point.

• Work skills can be paused/unpaused. This is helpful if you want to stop learning a specific skill when working. This can be done by going to the desired skill panel.

• Organizations can be changed to productivity focused where you get a 5% bonus (or more with an active payed boost) in productivity when working.

• Productivity focused organizations can have up to 25 members however they cannot benefit from any extra war damage bonuses.

• The Work Ethics Course is a book that increases ES by 20 points each use for players with ES below 50.

• The Efficiency Book is a book that increases ES by 20 points, can be used by players with ES score of 99 or 100. This books enables your ES to go above 100 for a few days (each day will drop 1 ES as normally).

You pay a percentage of the amount earned:
• Up to 15% to your recruiter, according to the energy level he has (5% + (Energy ÷ 10)%)
• The income tax to the state budget, set by your country’s government.

• Each 3 days in a row (6 worked shifts in 72 hours for the same country) you earn the (Work Bonus x Productivity ÷ 100). You need a verified account to get this bonus.

• The work bonus is based on the average productivity from all the 6 work shifts that count towards it.

• The workplaces available to you are the ones active in your current Country → Region.
• You can only work at the company that offers the biggest wage and in the country where you have citizenship.

• You can work overtime 1 shift per day (after the 2 regular shifts) as long as you have at least 55% energy. Overtime shifts do not count for the work bonus or ES.

• To accept a job, your energy level must be at least half of your productivity in that job type.

• The same IP can only work once every 4 hours.

In the game I can help you grow with any questions you have, I only ask that you be active daily and work at least twice a day to collect the bonus (every 3 days) within the game I can even send you gold so that you grow faster, as long as you commit to being active and growing, here is the link and thanks <3


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The above-mentioned method of any money by playing the game sounds strange because this is the first time I come across that kind of word, I would like to play and earn money using the above-mentioned method of any while playing game, though I have another means of making money by playing, I play crypto pop game to earn my money daily, I really love the game because we are once you place a we travel within five minutes you receive your payment.


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I have come across some games that you play and you earn through it. The fact is that most of them offer small money. There is one time that I came across a game during lockdown. I made some cryptocurrencies coin there. But the fact is that I quitted because then I wanted to make big money because of the lockdown but the game couldn't give me much.