Tron Miners, are they legit?


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Like I already mentioned him one of my thread posted earlier , that I am not possibly sure that it is still possible for an individual to still mine cryptocurrency in today's world , especially cryptocurrency that are top in the cryptocurrency market chain like : Bitcoin , litecoin , and ethereum . But if at any chance there is still a possibility to still mine cryptocurrency today , the chances will be incredibly and no doubt thin . What about the cryptocurrency known as Tron , is there still a possibility that it could still be mined today . Presently as I am writing this thread one single Tron coin is worth just $0.061 which when converted to naira would be somewhere around 25.39 naira . So with this analysis , is it possible to say that the tron cryptocurrency could still be mined today .

Yes , there are some legit tron Miner platforms and websites in the internet which you can monetize your time , energy , and phone resources in order to mine right inside your smartphone . There is no denying the fact , that there are some defrauding and scamming Tron mining website and platforms in the internet that we must avoid and stay far away from, so as to avoid being victims and subject to various online scammers and fraudsters . One of the best Tron cryptocurrency mining website I know of is TRX Blue . Com . You can check it out yourself to be more convinced .