Is a dry cleaning business profitable?


How much profit can a laundry and dry cleaning business make? according to what i heard, this business, when it serves an active customer base, is very profitable. Revenues easily exceed $200 per day and costs are less than half of that. A small shop can make at least $30,000 in profit per year after paying all expenses. Making such amount really possible?


I do not know how and where you got those numbers that look like impossible to achieve. A laundry shop with a dry cleaning service has to rent a business space and has to pay the salary of the attendant unless the owner will be the attendant in the shop all day long. There are taxes to be paid and permits to be secured every year. It may be a lucrative business when the customers are regular and the bulk of work is a lot. However, the more work means the more workers you will need. If you know how to handle the business then you can earn a good profit but probably not $200 a day unless your laundry shop is a big one.


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Firstly, you're a Nigerian and I don't see the reason you should your prices in dollars. You should be proud of your currency at least.
Dry cleaning business is not only a very nice business but its lucrative. Starting it is very easy due to the fact that you don't really need all those expensive machines to start at first with. One can start with hand washing, an iron and nylon. And from there the person grows bigger and bigger in the field to start getting bigger machines.
So, it's very profitable