What Are The Symptoms Of Diabetes?

A K Rao

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The Diabetes is having some typical symptoms. These symptoms may be seen in all the types of Diabetes. One has to be careful and visit a physician once any of the symptoms are observed. The symptoms are given as under:

1. A patient suffering from diabetes suffers from ‘Constant Hunger’

2. He/she lacks energy and the behavior becomes irritable!

3. Obesity and fatigue is very commonly seen.

4. There is weight loss for no apparent reason.

5. The diabetic patient always suffers from excessive Thirst

6. Frequent Urination is seen in such people

7. Dryness of mouth is one of the common symptoms seen in Diabetic patients.

8. Itching of the skin is another symptom.

9. Blurred vision may be seen in some patients.

10. If a wound is taking more than the required time in healing then it is the time you must visit your diabetes Specialist.

Looking at the symptoms the physician will recommend the required tests to decide the line of treatment.